We are looking for visual graphics, videos or songs that:

1. Deported immigrants should be able to come back and reunite with their families

2. Imagine a transnationalist world or a world without borders

3. DREAMers are currently in solitary confinement which means they are being tortured and punished for speaking out 

4. Highlight the imbalance / everyday that they spend in detention, corporations benefit — private prisons are paid an average of $164 per detainee per day (there are roughly 34,000 immigrants in detention daily = $557,600 per day).

You can include one or more of these themes in your submission. 

Specs for Visual Art

- Preferred format is a square, so that it can be shared on Instagram as well as Facebook.

- Please send your file at least 1000 pixels width and as a JPEG

- Please name your file with your artist name

- Include the campaign hashtag: #BringThemHome